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45 Years of Experience


Dreaded Probate Court

MY EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS PROVIDE THE WAY TO IGNORE THE PROCESS. I take great pride in stating that I can save you thousands of dollars in avoiding the Probate Court and its antiquated process.

My Estate Plans have been tested for over 20 years. I have been a college professor of paralegal studies teaching Wills, Probate, Ethics, Corporations, Organizations, and, the Law & Practice of Immigration, Social Security, and, Real Estate.

I was appointed the Domestic Relations Magistrate for Medina County early in my career. Then, for the next 20 years, my law office was located on the Square in Medina, OH. As an attorney, I have represented clients in courts all over Ohio, numerous other states, and worldwide. My cases have been in the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. District Court for the N.D. of Ohio, U.S. Bankruptcy Courts [Ohio, New York & Texas], and, the U.S. Court of Immigration Appeals, Washington D.C.


My Services Include...

Elder law

LGBT Planning

Estate Planning

Legacy Planning

Trust Administration

Pet Planning

Estate Attorney
for Great Results

Your husband dies, you are now looking at the paperwork he left behind.  You know you need to call an attorney but you don't know one.  You call the Bar Association Attorney Referral Service.  They reccomend Mr X, Y, &, Z.  They all tell you that the Probate Court regulates attorney fees; they all charge the minimum that they are allowed to charge.  What they don't tell you is that the fees are outrageous.  Just to transfer your house into your name will costs you thousands.The Estate Plan that I would draft for you saves thousands of dollars.  PLUS, its a gift to yourself or your loved ones (spouse and children).  You don't have to hire an attorney; there is no court proceding; in fact, there is literally only one piece of paper that needs to be filled out (at each death) and filed with the County Recorder of Deeds.  If you don't file "this piece of paper" no one will come calling.  AND, I give you the blank form.  The Estate Plan passes your property to your spouse and then to your children as you want.  It is private, it can be prepared to take care of children with special needs, it avoids disputes, and, once in place, easy to maintain.

I lead you step by step through the process, I take care of the transfer of assets so that you do not have to (except automobiles, boats, etc.), for a flat fee payable 1/2 when retained and 1/2 when you sign the documents. MY FEE IS $ 2500 – 3500 DEPENDING ON THE TECHNIQUES NEEDED TO PROTECT YOUR ASSETS AND HAVE THEM DISTRIBUTED TO YOUR HEIRS THE WAY YOU WANT THEM’ I charge $ 2500 to $ 3500  which includes all documents and filing +filing fee for one (1) Ohio deed and standard transfer of all financial investments.  Client has only one thing to do:  transfer motor vehicle.  I prepare all documents for this.

Three Visits:

Initial Consultation

  • Robert Rosenfeld, initial consultation, and, if engaged basic information gathering (1/2 hr to 1.5 hours)


Great Price
  • Paralegal, she goes over the basic information to verify its accuracy, and, collects financial information (about an hour with modern technology – scan instead of hand write information)

Second Visit

Complete Package
  • A witness is required can be anyone over 18, Eg a neighbor. The signing does not include a discussion of your estate. We go through the signing of all documents; then witness leaves. Then we go over each and every page and I fully answer your questions and explain what needs to be done to maintain the trust

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